Student in Parking Lot

Silver Lot Residential Satellite Parking

Due to unprecedented growth and a high demand for parking in the residential areas, there are not enough parking spaces to meet the needs for all residential students who wish to bring a car to campus.  Residential parking permits are sold with limits equal to the amount of parking spaces assigned to the each zone.  Once sold out, students that live in a dormitory and wish to bring a car to campus must park at the designated Silver Lot satellite parking area. 

Security and Access

Located around the old Whirlpool Plant, the Silver Parking zones consist of a North and South areas. Together, both sections can hold about 1000 cars, have 24 hour video surveillance, full perimeter fencing and a staffed guard house 24/7.  

Students with a Silver Residential permit will have to access the North parking lot from Whirlpool Drive off of Taylor Road and to the South parking lot from Chucky Mullins Drive.  In the event of an unexpected lot closure on campus in the residential sections, other residential permits may be required to park at the facility but the lot is primarily only for residential student usage. 

Afterhours, access will be controlled by the guard located at each lot entrance. The guard houses will have a shelter and emergency phone access for students.
Students with a Silver Residential permits are not permitted to park elsewhere on campus weekdays between 7:30AM and 5:00pm.  This includes the JAC and South Lot Park-N-Ride lots and Open parking lots.  There are no zone restrictions on weekends.

During home football game weekends, the Silver Lots facilities will be open to valid Silver Residential permits but there will be no transportation available to the interior of campus.


Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 7:00PM the Oxford University Transit system will run a dedicated route between the Silver Lot and the residential areas of campus.  This route is called the Silver Line and will stop at least 8 locations on campus.  The bus will make the full route about once every 15-20 minutes.
Stops locations include:

  • Residential College Area near Lamar Hall
  • Sorority Row at Northgate
  • Crosby/Women's Terrace
  • Northgate at Rebel Drive
  • The Ridge (Burns, Minor and Pittman Halls)
  • Kinard Hall
  • Poole Drive at Chucky Mullins

Afterhours, Sunday thru Thursday from 7:00PM to 7:00AM, residential students can use the afterhours On-Call Van Service to get from their residence hall to the parking lot.  This service does not run on weekends since students can park out of zone and near their residence.

This service is offered only to Silver Residential students and can be accessed by calling 662-915-4VAN (662-915-4826) 7:00PM to 7:00AM Sunday thru Thursday evenings.

Weekend Access:  Students have a 2 hour period on Friday evenings (5:00PM to 7:00PM) that the Silver Line continues to run.  For emergencies only, on weekends please contact the University Police Department and request assistance getting to the Silver Lot facility.

This year, no student with a residential permit is allowed to park in a Park-N-Ride lot (JAC or South Lot) so residential students attending classes at JAC will need to ride the Brown Line out to the JAC facility.  Campus Walk permits are the only exception since the PNR lines do not serve the facility.  For more information about Park-N-Ride services available to residential students please see this link.