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Welcome to The University of Mississippi - Parking and Transportation Services online parking permit registration website.

The following is a quick tutorial for use of the online permit registration process:

The login form accepts your Last Name and University of Mississippi ID number (UM ID).

You must agree to the Terms of Use before login to the portal will be successful.

In the event you enter a non-matching Last Name - UM ID combination, the login form will indicate a warning below the Login button. The warning indicator informs you to verify and/or correct the values you entered, or to contact Parking Services for assistance.

After successful login, you will be able to view your User Profile. Listed in the User Profile will be details pertaining to your account with Parking Services. Please verify all fields for correct information. Use the Edit Profile button to make modifications to your profile data.

By clicking the Edit Profile button, you will be able to modify your contact information, mailing address, and campus address details.

After verifying accuracy of the details above, you should next review the Vehicle list previously associated to your account. If you do not see a vehicle listed which you will be brining onto campus, click the New Vehicle button and complete the window which follows.

Once you have identified that your current vehicle(s) are visible in the list, continue on by viewing the list of Issued Permits associated to your account. To register for a new parking permit, click the Request Permit button.

Confirm the address to where you wish to have the permit mailed. Your options are either a) receive the permit at your mailing address entered into your User Profile details, or b) choose to pick up your permit at the office of Parking Services after being notified that it is available for pick up.

You will notice a checkbox which allows you to opt to pick up the permit at the office of Parking Services. If you DO NOT select this box, then the permit will be mailed to your home address, as shown below:

If you DO check the box, then your permit will be mailed to the office of Parking Services, and we will contact you once it is available for pickup. Please note, choosing to pick up your permit at the office of Parking Services may result in waiting in line behind many others who opt for the same in-office permit pick up.

Select a vehicle(s) which will be associated to the requested permit. You may associate more than one vehicle to a single permit. The permit is a hang tag which may move about from one vehicle to another.

Next, select the type of permit that you are requesting, along with indicating the method of payment which you prefer. You may choose to either pay online via the UM Payment Gateway (by selecting Online Payment), or you may choose the option of Bill Me Later, which will result in charges to your Bursar account or Faculty/Staff payroll deduction.

Selecting the option to Bill Me Later will move you forward to an auto-generated permit number assignment. Your account in Bursar Office or HR systems will be billed for charges associated to the permit purchase. Your new permit will be mailed the address you specified during the ordering process.

If you select Online Payment, the permit request process will include a visit to the UM Payment Gateway site. After clicking the Next button (shown above), the portal will ask you to confirm the details of your purchase.

Review the details for accuracy and then click the Submit button. If changes need to be made, press the Cancel button to go back and edit any necessary details.

The next window gathers a dollar amount which you will be paying through the UM Payment Gateway. The window has a 10 second count down which will automatically redirect you to the UM Payment Gateway site.

Clicking the Payment button will redirect you to the UM Payment Gateway site. After completing the card transaction, you will be redirected back to the permit registration portal where you can print a receipt to use as your valid permit until your new permit arrives / is available for pick up.

We hope that this information and service helps you in the parking permit process. If you have any other questions/concerns, please contact our office at 662-915-7235 on M-F from 8am-5pm.