Student in Parking Lot

Pavilion Garage – Reserved Parking Spaces by Stall Number

The Pavilion Garage started active service in August of 2015 and is operated by the Department of Parking and Transportation. 

Faculty/Staff and Commuters are eligible to purchase a limited supply of permits for the Pavilion Garage. Permits are space specific and the space is considered a reserve spot for the vehicle with the appropriate permit. At the start of every permit sale for an academic year, Faculty/Staff will be given two weeks to choose the Pavilion Garage permits prior to them being offered to students classified as commuters. Click <HERE> for permit sale dates. Permits for the Pavilion Garage will be $550 for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Since the Pavilion Garage permits are restricted to a specific numbered space in the garage and all permits are valid through August 15th every year, those Faculty/Staff and Commuters obtaining one of the available permits prior to August 16th may park in any Faculty/Staff or Student zone on or before August 16th allowing for the expiration of the old permit associated with the given space in the garage.

Starting with the 2023 permit year, parking permits for the Pavilion Garage will be Virtual permits. No physical decal or hangtag will be issued. The registered vehicle's license plate will serve as a link to the permit so the license plate must be kept up-to-date. Please note that Pavilion Garage permits will not be recognized on home football game weekends and the garage may be required for alternate uses during certain university events which will be announced in advance.

If you are eligible and are interested in obtaining an available Pavilion Garage permit, we recommend that you review the Pavilion Garage parking space locations as detailed on this <linked file>. Please keep in mind that each space has a 4 digit number where the first number indicates the parking level. The numbers on the ramps between levels are considered part of the level at the top of the ramp. Example: Space 2001 is located at the bottom of the ramp as it starts on Level One and rises to Level Two.

The Who What Where When and Why's

Why is timed parking no longer available in the garage?  The available timed spaces were not being utilized at a high enough rate to justify continued timed short-term parking.  The full capacity of the garage 800+ spaces have been sold as reserve spaces at a reasonable price when compared to Commuter and Faculty/Staff permit pricing.

Why isn't the garage being opened to basic permits?  The facility was not equipped with parking stall availability equipment which would assist parkers in locating open parking spaces.  Experience with other surface lots indicates that the facility would become overly congested with individuals just looking for a parking space.  The result would be an increased likelihood of property damage (vehicle or structure) in the tight confines of the facility as well as a general frustration with the time consuming search for an open space in an 800+ space facility with only one entrance and exit.

Why reserved spaces?  Issuing a reserve permit tied to a specific parking stall eliminates the search for parking.  Example: A vehicle with a permit to park in stall 2159, can only park in stall 2159.  The driver knows where the stall is and goes there directly and the stall should be available.

What happens if a non-garage permitted vehicle parks in the facility?  Between the hours of 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM, a vehicle that does not have the proper permit will receive a Reserved Parking citation and the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.   

What happens if another vehicle is parking in my space?  In the event that a different vehicle (even one with another garage permit) is parked in the space that has been assigned to your permit, please contact our office between the hours of 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM, a vehicle that does not have the proper permit will receive a Reserved Parking citation and the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense. 

Where can the garage permits park?  These permits will be treated similar to current Faculty/Staff reserved permits in that the owners of the permit must park in their reserved space, otherwise, a single vehicle will effectively occupy two parking spaces on campus since the one in the garage is restricted to that vehicle.   Exceptions include the ability to park in all the Commuter Red zones, and at the Facilities Administration building off Hathorn Drive.

When can I start parking in the garage with my new pass?  After permit sales begin in July and before August 15th, both the OLD and NEW permits will have a period of overlap in which they are valid permits on campus. The older permit is valid up until August 15th of the academic year it was issued and has priority to park in the garage. Unless the space holder is renewing their permit, the newer permit may not park in the garage until August 16th each year. Reserve space allocations do not become effective until August 16th when all OLD permits have expired and are no longer permitted to park on campus. New permit holders may park in any Faculty/Staff or Student zone after reciept of the new permit but prior to August 16th. On August 16th they must park in their designated space in the garage.

If I choose not to buy a Pavilion Garage permit this year, will there be some available next year?  The new Pavilion Garage permit will be classified as a reserved stall and will be renewable annually.  In late spring each year, current permit holders will be given a deadline to renew, after which, the space allocation will be opened to others with the start of normal permit sales every July. Based on availability, we expect that there should be a number of permits that are not renewed every year as student permit holders graduate and leave campus.

How will Pavilion and athletic events affect parking in the garage? With the sale of every Pavilion Garage permit, the person purchasing the permit must agree to certain conditions related to parking at the garage. Some athletic events such as mid-week basketball games and home football games may require the garage to be cleared of all parkers by a specific time during the normal work week. Appropriate notification will be given before each scheduled event.

Can inclement weather conditions affect the use of the garage? The judgement to close the University due to inclement weather is determined by appropriate authorities in the university administration. Closure of parts of or all of the garage due to the weather or garage surface conditions will be determined by DPT staff independently from the university's decision to be open or closed. The upper deck (Level 5) of the garage and the ramp leading to it are prone to ice over and stay that way for an extended period. If needed, the upper deck may be closed. Permit holders for these spaces will be temporarily relocated as needed.