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BIRD - E-Bike Share Program


What is the BIRD E-bike Share Program?
The University of Mississippi has partnered with BIRD to provide the UM community with an accessible, safe mobility option for students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. The BIRD e-bikes fill a gap between mass transit, personal or shared vehicles, and foot traffic.
BIRD e-bikes are a fun and car-free way to get around campus. Ole Miss students, employees and visitors 18 years or older can rent a BIRD e-bike using the instructions below.

Never used an E-bike before?
Riders can operate an electric bike (e-bike) just like a regular bicycle, using pedals and handlebars, but a motor in the bike can be activated so riders can navigate the UM campus without using as much effort.

How to Start Using BIRD On Campus?

  • BIRD e-bikes can be found in designated bike racks on campus. Please see the Campus Interactive Map or use the BIRD app.
  • Getting started is simple. Using the BIRD app, riders can scan a QR code on the e-bike and pay $1 to unlock the device. Riders then pay a per-minute rate for the duration of their trip.
  • UM Pricing Structure:
    • Standard Rate - $1 to unlock; $0.35/minute.
    • Student Rate - $1 to unlock; $0.25/minute for users signed up with their student email.
    • Faculty/Staff Rate - $1 to unlock; $0.23/minute for users signed up with their employee email.
    • Semester Pass - $149.99 per semester – 750 minutes of trip time for the duration of the pass.
    • BIRD also offers a Monthly Unlock Pass for $5.99 that eliminates $1 unlock fee on all rides.
  • Upon completion of their ride, users should return the e-bike to a designated bike rack within the service area. Users must take a photo with the app to confirm proper parking and end their ride.
  • GPS and LTE enable the company to track device locations and geofence areas that are no ride, slow ride, no parking, or recommended parking zones.

Safety Tips

  • Follow all traffic rules and use hand signals when turning
  • Never use an e-bike while impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • Drive on streets or in bike lanes rather than sidewalks.
  • Give pedestrians the right of way. Yield to people using crosswalks and choose the route with the fewest pedestrians.
  • Only one rider is allowed per vehicle at a time.
  • Use caution when approaching corners, inclines and in poor weather conditions.
  • Watch out for obstacles in the roadway.
  • Maintain a safe distance from vehicles and pedestrians and do not make abrupt, unpredictable movements.
  • For your safety, it is recommended you wear a helmet while riding the e-bike.
  • Remain aware of your surroundings.
  • E-bikes must not be used inside buildings anywhere on campus.


  • Only use designated parking areas and make sure the e-bike is safely stored.
  • Do not park e-bikes in a walkway or in a building entrance.
  • Riders are responsible for any damage, injury, or loss caused by e-bike use on University property.
To report unsafe, inappropriate, or destructive operation of an e-bike, contact Parking & Transportation at or (662) 915-7235 or University Police at or (662) 915-7234.